New York Pre Wedding

During our pre-wedding photo session with Anna & Antonio, we learn about their beautiful love story and we know we have to share with all our readers!

New York Pre Wedding

It was a warm afternoon at the End of July when Antonio was coming back from a doctor visit in Milan.Being moderately worried while heading back to his apartment in the center of Milan, he took the wrong metro exit, the furthest from his place. He then started walking through the square when from far away his eyes caught an enchanting girl who was walking with her mom towards him. When they finally were close their eyes crossed for an intense second but they kept walking their directions.

Suddenly Antonio stopped right before crossing the street and turned back to look at that enchanting girl while thinking that he was tired, worried after the doctor visit, feeling too warm and holding a gym bag … and also thinking that he never liked a girl so much at first sight.

Then he saw that the girl stopped to take some pictures on her camera while her mother continued walking few steps further. Antonio decided that it was his chance and he approached her asking:

  • I need an advice, what is the best way I have for meeting you?
  • And the girl simply replied “oh my God you came” as it was clear that few moments before their eyes crossed

He learned that the girl’s name was Anya and she traveled to Milan for half a day only and they were returning home to Saint Petersburg, Russia the very same night. They didn’t have much time to speak but they exchanged their phone numbers.

After Anya left they continued an intense conversation during the following days, getting to know each other with a lot of interest and curiosity. One week later they decided to meet in Helsinki, Finland and since then they couldn’t stay away from each other. They had to travel to meet often choosing new places and having dates in Barcelona, Saint Petersburg, Milan, Budapest, and all over Europe. In January 2015 they both moved to New York where they happily live together.

In June 2017 they will get married in Saint Petersburg, Russia surrounded by their Italian and Russian families and friends from all over the world. We can’t wait to share their love journey with you all again soon!

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