new york pre-wedding photography


It was pleasure to photograph Kaman and Wan in New York for their pre-wedding session. We went to many locations includes Brooklyn bridge park, grand central station, and time square. Although part of our session was raining hard but luckily we still manage to get some really good shots. Thank you again to Kaman and Wan for travel all the way from Hong Kong to US.
central park wedding photosI photograph many engagement session  in Central park. But every time I come here I always discover new place to shoot. highland wedding photoHigh line around meatpacking area, New York City’s most successful public park in decades. very interesting design and it over looking the city and river. brooklyn bridge park wedding photos new york wedding photo new york library wedding photo grand central station wedding photos grand central station wedding photosThis is one of my favor shot, I feel the busyness of Grand Central Station  represent the city  life style. My  image freeze the moment, telling that people come in and out but I will always be here hold on to you.    time square wedding photos

we end the session at time squire, and the rain stop for us too so we can get some really cool shots on the street.

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